Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns


Lion-Softwares strives to provide our customers with superior assistance in regards to our return services. To ensure that our customers are satisfied with the product(s) they order, we offer a 30-day product guarantee. Within 30 days of delivery, Lion-Softwares will refund the full amount on new, unused items. You must obtain authorization before returning any product by contacting us by email at or phone 03333444073.

Customers shall expect to receive their refund within 2-4 weeks. This time frame estimate includes an authorization check and your refund processing time. Refunds are only issued back in the form of the original method of payment. If a customer has received an incorrect or defective item due to an error on our part and would like to receive a replacement.

*Electronic delivery – Lion-Softwares will process the product/license key through manufacturer verification to make sure the product has not yet been activated or tampered with. Once this verification process is complete and the product has passed, Lion-Softwares will refund the purchase price of the product to the original method of payment. 

Electronic Delivery 

We can ship to nearly any Email address in the world.

If you purchase your product(s) and it states they have an electronic delivery method or download, you will receive the required product/license key in an email the same day your order is confirmed.


For more information please contact us: Phone 03333444073 or email us:

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